My Doggos

It might be interesting to note right off the bat that I am very allergic to dogs, with reactions ranging from hives to my throat closing up. But because I am not a wise man and that I have a soft spot for these little sweethearts, I simply can’t imagine life without these guys in my life. These are the pups that make up ThePixelPup.


My first dog who I had since middle school who proved that pitbulls can be complete angels. Although he has since passed, but my love of dogs all started with this little guy.
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Duke + Gus

I guess it would be unfair to group the two of these into one but they're practically two inseparable halves that make up to be one whole loud monster
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This lovable doofus is kind of like fast food meat: we have no idea what it's composed of but you don't question it. Just look at that face. That incredibly derpy face.
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– Snoopy


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