About Me

William (the) Man

Just your typical parkour/freerunning, dog loving, 3D animating, UX designing, adventurous but simple pleasures, ambiverted, wholesome, dry wit, hipster-in-denial, 6’3″ Brooklyn Asian guy.

Everybody knows one, right? But in case you need to know more about me, here’s my life story.

The Before Time
(Everything Before...)
A random assortment of embarrassing memories and menial summer jobs (i.e. Modell's, GameStop, NY Aquarium, a bridal gown company, and a Chinese takeout joint in Virginia).
I do not miss those days.
2009 - 2012
New York University
Integrated Digital Media (B.S.)
Learned and mastered everything from film production to game design to 3D animation.
It only took a couple debilitating college loans to do so.
2011 - 2012
Video Editor and Production Lead
Rose the ranks from fledgling site maintenance intern to chief videographer and video editor.
I even eventually had my own intern!
Motion GFX Artist
Went the extra mile in video production to be a motion graphics artist, creating corporate videos for this investment bank.
I like to pretend I understand stocks a little better now.
2013 - 2015
High 5 Games
Production Artist
Provided upon technical art, graphic design and quality assurance responsibilities to deliver on online casino platforms
I guess you could say this job was...a "gamble"?
Brooklyn Nets
Motion Graphics Artist
Worked as a 3D artist for the Nets and Islanders promotional videos and Barclay Center feature events.
Plus I got to go to games for free!
2015 - 2016
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Motion Graphics Artist
Made public service announcement type videos for transit safety and service changes for all of New York to see
Why is your train delayed again? There's a video explaining why.
General Assembly
User Experience (CERT)
After feeling like needed to go into the next stage of my life, I "pivoted" my career and became a certified and bonified User Experience Designer.
This time with no extra college loans needed
UX Consultant
Helped the client streamline her site navigation and flow of an online fundraiser and reach a better market fit with users
Insert fundraiser based pun here.
2016 - 2017
High 5 Games
Product Consultant
I made my return as a consultant to conduct player research in an effort to validate business/design decisions for revenue and market growth
And my coworkers didn't even know I left
Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Joined on board as a motion designer with an edge in user research for video advertising to match B2B brand marketing.
Plus I get to bike to work.
User Experience Designer
Using my experience in creating Grocery Guru, I apply my UX experience in gathering sufficient data needed to create a working product
What can I say? I love food.

“Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

– George Carlin


Looking for a UX Designer and/or Motion Graphics Designer and/or sushi restaurant recommendation? Reach out to me! I'm available for full-time hire, contract positions and birthday parties.